Welcome to Ron's!


Our breakfast menu is a community favorite, taking inspiration from diners in the past to provide a full, satisfying start to your morning.


From 11-4, our menu shifts to our lunch menu with options ranging from light, energizing snacks to full, hearty meals to get you through your day.


After 4, we begin serving the best dinners in Chesapeake. Our menu expands to a wide collection of steaks, salads, burgers, fries, and others. (And yes, the breakfast menu stays.)

Meet our founder.

Dreams begin in the kitchen.

Since he was little, Ron loved eating with his family in a local diner in his hometown of Virginia Beach. In 2015, he realized that there was a lack of "community" in the local restaurants, and so he made it his mission to bring that community feeling back. After preparing himself for restaurant ownership, he made the grand debut of his first restaurant, "Ron's Family Diner," in 2021. Since then he and his close-knit family have served thousands of people with quality food and created a warm, welcoming environment like no other.